Deeplomat & Dublatov

Deeplomat & Dublatov Live

Production and performance duo.
Exploring electronic soundscapes through a heap of analog gear.

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Our Story

The projects is a point of departure in the musical tastes of two friends, whose fortunate yet unforeseen acquaintance turned into a creative union named
"Deeplomat & Dublatov".

Having experienced the flavor of life in different countries and cultures, they found themselves in Valencia, the city with a perfect vibe for music production and sound experiments.

The duo fused together their years of experience, the chaos of modular synthesis. At the base of all their productions lies an inspired and ever-changing sound. A cascade of structures, unexpected turns of events and unlikely developments are the trademark concept of Deeplomat & Dublatov.

Our Music

Some of our latest works available online.

Live Performances

A number of D&D in-the moment live performances and collaborations recorded in our studio.


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Our latest oficial releases.

Mixes and Podcasts

The music we collect, play for our friends from different radioshows.

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Feel free to to contact us on any of the following outlets. Please submit booking requests to: